Hello guysth! How are you? I hope everyone having a good day. This week had been really amazing to me. We had our chapter test and the result was kinda great and I’m really hoping that on our Periodical Test this October will be great too! Anywys, yesterday, I’m really pissed off with my classmates because they are so ‘kill joy’ I should say that this is not a bad thing coz we are just having fun, but then again, they are going to tell our adviser about this and they will say that we are so noisy and blahblah. I don’t know but it’s hurt me a lot when they say that even me are participating that thing, the fact that I’m the president in our class. Wooh for me, this is not bad. And at first, I fight for the things that I know is right. This is part of high school life, tho. Maybe they are just ‘sipsip and walang pakisama' haha I hope this last week of September will be great cause' I want a warm welcome to my birthday month. So yeah, I think that's all. How are you guysth? 

Saturday, September 21, 2013 14 notes and comments

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